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BLACK-OWNED WORLD Plenty of hubbies the world over are waking to embrace this dream, this lifestyle of ours.  Plenty of couples, not just in the U. S. of A., but as far as England, the countries of Europe, Saudi Arabia, India, and all other Asian countries, including lovely Australia.  Just like the aftermath of a giant mushroom cloud of explosion, the reverberation is spreading like wildfire to even the most remote places in the world.   More and more couples are coming out of their hiding places, learning to discover that such ideas and desires aren't just left to rot in their heads.  More white bois of all ages are seeing the reality of what’s before them.  This is something they've always wanted for themselves but simply knew not how to ask for it, let alone even voice out the notion to others. The idea that plenty of white couples can become open and plain with their submissive desires, that more and more hubbies are looking into themselves and coming to term

Persuasion - A Cuckold Confession

Persuasion Reggie drew Jean’s face towards his and they shared a long kiss.  His hands rubbed at her arm and she brought hers to his crotch.  I watched with excitement as she lowered her head and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and into her mouth it went.  Neither of them cared where they were and I acted the role of a sentry, checking around to make sure no one was coming by our booth to check what we were doing.  I was grabbing at my erection inside my pants while I watched my wife blow my colleague friend inside a nightclub.  Jean pushed down the top of her blouse and Reggie caressed one of her tits while she continued swallowing his cock in the midst of the noise that was all around us.  I was seeing my wife in a different light and from that moment on, the erstwhile image I’d always had of Jean melted away before my eyes. Reggie came inside her mouth and I wish it were daylight and I had a camera right then to take a snapshot of her consuming his cum as a copi

BLACK-OWNED WORLD: Mature Wives Initiation

BLACK-OWNED WORLD: Mature Wives Initiation The Black-Owned lifestyle is supposed to include every level of married couple.  That includes mature couples who’re well in their late fifties and upwards, not just for middle-aged ones.  A lot of older couples have been well into the cuckold lifestyle back in the 70’s and 80’s, but had to force themselves out of it because maybe they didn’t understand how well things were changing.  That doesn’t mean they can’t get involved once again, and I want to instill in those older couples out there who’ll be reading this post that this is meant for you and your spouse. I know a white couple residing in the heart of Colorado.  The wife loves fucking and the blacker the merrier.  This hot chick is past her mid-70’s, and she still enjoys taking it up the pussy and ass.  Her hubby who’s older than her is a slave to her ambitions. And that’s the beauty about getting matures involved in this.  The fact that they’ve passed that stage in

A Hubby Returned Home Pt. 1

What goes through a husband's mind when he returns home and catches his wife fucking a Black man in their bedroom? A hubby returned home after a fitful day at work.  His wife’s car is parked in the driveway and he smiles at himself as he enters his home.  He drops his keys on the center table and calls out: ‘Honey, I’m home!’ as he walks further into the house and goes up the stairs toward his bedroom. Then he stopped when he heard something.  It sounded like someone moaning; a woman's moans.  He wanted to dismiss it at first, thinking maybe it was their furry cat, but he hears it unmistakably again and this time recognized what the sound of that voice meant.  It told him that fucking was going on inside his home.  And it was coming from the master bedroom. The hubby approached the door on light foot and inched the door open and peeped inside.  His eyes widen and his mouth just about fell from its hinges at what he was seeing. There was his wife spread

Fear of a BLACK-OWNED World?

Who could be afraid of a BLACK-OWNED world? It used to be before that white husbands are afraid of living in a black planet. A lot of them still do. Isn’t it surprising that until this day, you still hear about white supremacists, even when there’s a black man in the White House? Where ever was there a black supremacist, unless you wish to talk about the Black Panthers? There’s secrets that have been kept from the history books for a long time, and even now most won’t even know it. Or even if they do know, they won’t want to acknowledge this as fact. I’m going to let that secret out here in this article of mine. There was one group of people who have helped over centuries to restore balance towards race relations in the States, as well as across Europe in the U.K. I had an uncle who spent much of his adult life in England and he revealed this secret to me years before he passed away. It’s never something you’d find in most history text books. However I know of one wri