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Semen on her Chest

I have been standing out in the corridor by myself for nearly a half-hour. Our Golden Retriever, Rex, sat beside my feet for company. He had fretted and gripped against my pants leg as I have been since Doris led her lover Marcus into our bedroom. Sometimes I rest my ear against the door to listen in; Doris had left the key in its place so I could not peep inside. I heard mild grunts and squeaks and bumps, sounding like the bed was moving or banging against the wall. My breath formed most on the door. My hand grabbed at my crotch. Twice I had scurried away to a nearby toilet to jerk-off. My head was filled with images of what they were doing in the bedroom. Marcus was giving Doris the fuck of her life. I have been fortunate to watch them fuck the first time in the living room a week ago. Doris had warned him to sit and remain quiet, to which he did. He had bottled up his urges while he watched Marcus make mincemeat of his wife. Doris had screamed. She had whimpered al

Another White Girl Gone Black

My dad warned me to avoid the black men when they opened a new refugee camp a couple of blocks away.  For months I listened to my dad's warning, that is until I accidentally met one in an online chat room.  There I saw a black man slowly stroking his long cock, I immediately thought it was fake from the size of it but I couldn't take my eyes off of it.  My body was getting hot and I found myself licking my lips as soon as I saw his thick cum spurt from his cock.   We got to chatting and I found out that he was a refugee older than my father that lived just down the street.  It wasn't long till I told him exactly where I lived and that my parents weren't going to be home all weekend.  I couldn't stop thinking about him as the days passed. I knew what he wanted from me and I found it so much hotter as I waited for him naked.   My heart skipped a beat hearing the doorbell knowing he was finally here.  Opening the door I found a large imposing black ma