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How My Wife went Black – True Confession

Good day, sir.  I love your twitter feed! I’d like to share a quick story about how my 1st wife and I literally fell into the lifestyle. But please be discrete. So, my 1st wife and I kinda fell into wife sharing. With a black guy that lived 4 doors down from us. Sean was about 6'2" kinda muscular/lean he was a dark, good looking dude. I always caught him checking out my wife Kat. I wasn’t the jealous type so I never minded it. And it’s not like lots of guys hadn't ogled her before.  So one day, Sean came by to watch the baseball game and have a few beers. It was summertime in Florida, and my wife was wearing a sundress and walking around barefoot. After a few beers my wife started teasing Sean about the fact that he was living alone, and single despite owning his own business.  She said: "you must be one of those black guys with a little one, that’s why a good looking guy like you is all by himself in that big house. Sean nearly spit his beer all ove

The Aura of Black Power

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