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Once Is Never Enough

This is for those couples who have succeeded in getting their wives blacked. Do you remember the first time it happened?   The first time your wife got fucked and her lover of the night climaxed inside her?   Were you elated, awed, and satisfied at the same time?   For some husbands, such moments come as a surprising shock.   Not to something they haven’t wanted since, but that the moment arrived when they actually got to bear witness to it.   All those days of prodding the wife to go ahead with this and here it has finally occurred.   It would definitely feel like the greatest dream ever to come through.   When you, the husband/boyfriend, get to sit back and watch the bull’s rich cum spew out of her cunt to leave an imprint on the sheets.   And then to see the look of lust still reflected in your woman’s eyes . . . Such a night should never be forgotten.   But after that moment has passed comes time to face the inevitable truth: how bad would you desire this to happen