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Committing Your Wife to the Cuckold Lifestyle

I need for you to pay attention to my words, white boi.  What you desire to venture into is more than you can ever bargain for.  This is something that will change you both. It will enhance your sexual desire for each other more. But you both need to be in the proper frame of mind that it doesn’t come out negative for you both. I say this because all your insecurities and petty jealousies are bound to come out, so you and her need to first come to terms with your feelings individually and as well together so you both get to be on the same page. You need to come clean, tell her how much you feel, how much you love her and whether you’re willing to support her venturing into this lifestyle.  But most importantly, you need to come clean with yourself: ask yourself if you really want this for her and how much you’re willing to go the distance with supporting her in this. A cuckold’s job is to support his wife and help her discover her sexual self.  If the idea of you s

Stretched White Pussy

For most husbands, the smell of their wife's fucked pussy is so intoxicating and overwhelmingly arousing, it's only natural for them to want to taste that cum as it drips out of their women's cunt.  Even better is knowing that it's a Black Cock that got to stretch their wives out. The sight they get to enjoy of watching that Black Cock slip between the wife’s cunt lips, listening to the sound of their wife’s craving moans, observing the way the wife’s pussy seems to stretch as he sinks his cock more and more inside her, is something no husband ever wants to miss out on.  Every cuck husband wants to be there for that.  It matters not how long it might take for the wife to eventually agree towards having a Black lover.  Cuck hubbies simply can't wait to see the wife as she gets to melt seductively in the arms of her lover.  The moment when the lover starts stripping her out of her clothes, the husband already is sporting a boner in his pants.  Most husb