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Hotwife Lexxxy's Confession

Here is the bio and the quick story of my first BBC that you asked for. I hope it’s good enough to convince you to be my Master. I shall also try to submit a picture or two . ————————————— I’m a 34 year old Hotwife. My husband and I have been together for 16 years and married for almost 3 years. I never use to be so open with my sexuality. I have figured out over the past few years that girls are often taught, while growing up, to be prudes about sex. No sex before marriage, monogamy, and you don’t ever talk about sex outside the bedroom. Those are the tops ones.  I first started fucking other guys because my husband felt bad. He was a long-haul trucker and was gone sometimes two weeks at a time and only stayed home for a couple of days before hitting the road again. It took me a long time to get comfortable with the idea because that wasn’t how I was raised. You didn’t do things like that when you were already with someone. I also had to be convinced that my husband wasn’t

When A Good Wife Goes Bad

When a good wife ends up doing something bad, especially to you, her husband, your world never becomes what it once used to be. Think about it, white boy: you have stayed married to her all these years. The kids have grown and flown out of the nest.   You've long become accustomed to her quirks, as she has of you.  You have both added weight with your hair just about fading to grey.  Never do you have to bother about asking how much she loves you; there is no need for such question to be asked.  What you both seek now is the next chapter in your lives. Then one day it happens.  All it takes is one day. You returned home from work and let yourself in.  Up the stairs, you swear you can hear voices chuckling and laughing. You suddenly panic, thinking you’ve got burglars in your home. My God, what could they possibly have done to Agnes! You rush to the door and gasp at the horror:  your wife – your beautiful naive good wife – is on her knees on the bed going back