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Cuckold Revolution

There once was a time when white men considered their women too pure to ever be sullied by Black men.  But times have changed, and now, even their children so desperately want their white mothers and grand-mothers to achieve the dream of becoming a trained BLACK COCK-WHORE!  The revolution begun years ago, matter of fact, decades ago.  So many white bois were caught asleep and had no clue until now just how desirable if is the desire of wanting to see their woman in the arms of a Black man.  And not just that.  They as well want to envision their wife’s transformation into a Black Cock slut as well their own into becoming a submissive cuck-boi to her whimps.  It is not enough to simply grant the wife her freedom to cuck him with whomever she wants, for her to desire Black studs, and to make her husband jealous and pathetic when in her lover's midst.  They want to be trained into a submissive stance where they no longer have easy access to the wife sexually.

Once a Hotwife, Always a . . .

There are so many questions plenty of husbands out there (usually wannabe cucks) would love to know regarding to how well their wives/girlfriends would fit into the cuckold lifestyle.   They desire to know what peculiar traits they should be on the look-out for that would make it distinct that she would be susceptible to this desire: would it stem from how well she interacts with his male friends?   Whatever type of salacious gossip she interacts with whenever she’s with her friends?   Whatever sort of movies/music she listens to that tend to carry an unmistakable vibe regarding sex? And yes, there is that one as well: How much would she respond to the thought of deciding to make love to a man that wasn’t her husband? Preliminary questions such as these are bound to amass in a husband’s mind as he strives towards deciding how best to approach this subject with his woman.   However well she might take it is less in comparison to how she might perceive him for daring to broac