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Sex at a Pool Hall

Hi there, Shango. I hope you like the photo of me bending over the pool table.  It was taken by my husband two years ago.  He’s got such a filthy mind, which means we both think alike.  I want to tell you what happened that night this photo was taken. It was on a particular dirty weekend.  I kept giving this lusty view of my butt to the guy I was playing pool with.  Hubby and I had already planned to take him back to our villa for some fun but hadn't asked him yet, though I'm sure he knew our intentions by that point. On my next shot, I got a bit of a surprise though when I felt the fat end of his pool queue slide into my wet pussy.  I didn’t realize at the time that he was standing right behind me.  At that point, not caring that there were about 10 other people in the bar, I stopped lining up my shot, rested my head and chest on the table, and spread my legs a bit more.  My opponent eased more of his pool cue into me and began slowly fucking me with it as I let out a low moan

Embrace Your Black-Owned Life

  Learn to embrace what you are and don’t be afraid to admit it. Such is one of the demanding quality of being a slut-wife. It isn’t that you are licensed by your husband (and in other cases, your Black Master) to enjoy being serviced by one or multiple black cock, but that you are henceforth geared towards worshipping and serving your Black gods however they demand of you.   As a Black-Owned slut, you should uphold and wear your whore-wife status with pride. Let your husband be complacently aware of you as a liberated housewife. Although your love entitles him to you and vice versa, your sexual devotion is given instead to your Black Master instead.   You and your husband are expected to open your home to your Black Master.  As a Black-Owned couple, worshipping him will remain utmost in your mind and heart. Learn to love, honour, and cherish your Black god in the best way possible as if he is your first love.  Many hot-wives are inevitably expected to end up loving their Master more t