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The Day She Cucked You!

Most husbands never know when such moments arrive even though they have been expecting something like this since they got married.  It happened on an ordinary day; nothing could have prepared you for what was coming.  There was no harbinger, no sense of something being amiss the days prior.  It could have begun without you ever being wiser – you simply stumbled upon it by accident. And that was the accident you returned home to witness: you let yourself into your home, surprised at how quiet it was.  You called out your wife’s name, but stopped when you entered the living room.  There was an opened bottle of wine with two glasses on the table.  A pungent smell filled the air; the smell seemed familiar – marijuana.   You left your suitcase and quietly went up the stairs. Your wife’s clothes that littered the floor.  But not just her clothes; there as well were men’s clothes on the floor too.  A gnawing fear grows in your chest.  Weird images come alive in your m

That Cuckold Moment

What were your expectations the first time you mentioned to your wife about this crazy but seductive cuckold lifestyle?  That’s regardless of whether she turned you down or not. Now flash-forward to that day, that moment you introduced her to her future Black bull.  As well to the very moment you invited the bull into your home to come and fuck your wife . . . What really were your expectations as to how you expected the moment to be?  Extreme delight would be the answer for such husbands.  However, even when they got to watch the bull strip out of his clothes, when he fell upon your wife.  When you got to watch your wife guide his thick Black rod inside her . . . When you heard her mutter a throaty gasp while she wrapped her arms around her man . . . You sat in the background stroking your cock, loving the sound of your wife’s whimpers as her bull begun to grind deep inside her . . .  Did you ever assume that once it was over, after the bull had worn back his clothes an