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Is Being a Cuckold a Natural-Born Thing?

This is a letter that was written to me months ago from a husband residing in New York.  I thought I should share it with you all . * * * * If you ever have time and would be so kind, I was wondering something that maybe you could answer for me.  Do you believe being a cuckold can be a natural-born thing?  The reason I ask is because I was older, way past my prime, when I first found myself desiring many things pertaining to the cuckold lifestyle.  This was back in the early to mid-eighties.   There was no internet back then, or books or conventions that discussed or highlighted anything about this.  Back then I felt strange and alone with my desires.  I wanted to have a girlfriend (or wife) who would control me and willingly sleep with other men, and hopefully let or make me watch.  I wished for a woman to make a submissive out of me, to humiliate me in front of other men, and entice me to taste cum out of her pussy or ass.  I was all in for sucking other men’s cock too.   I would lik

My Wife is Addicted to Interracial Porn!

  I have watched so much interracial porn that I’m surprised I haven’t become addicted to them.  There were times when I almost assumed that I have, but come to think of it, I always seem to steer far from reaching the threshold.  But I cannot say the same for my wife, Agnes.  This story is about my wife and how she became addicted towards watching porn. Agnes wasn’t always like this before, at least not for the first six years of us being married.  Contrary to what you might think, we had ourselves a terrific sex life.  She knew how to give it to me and knew I was capable of rocking her in bed whenever she needed me to.  But in the back of my head, I always perceived I wasn’t hitting her the way I ought to.  You know, like those black studs, there were times when I wish I’d fuck my wife hard enough to make her scream and beg for more.  Somehow I always missed the mark. During our early years of marriage, I did manage to stay away from consuming too much porn.  It wasn’t until after Ag

My Black Dildo - A Hotwife’s Confession

  Seven years ago to this very day was when I accepted my stance as a hotwife.  How did it come about?  It began when Darryl, my husband, bought me a 10-inch black dildo as a surprise birthday gift.  I immediately fell in love with it and have not looked back since. Over the years, I have accumulated other effective dildos and an array of sex toys as part of my kinky arsenal, but nothing gives me enormous orgasm than my black dildo.  I take it with me almost everywhere: to my workplace, and sometimes when I go shopping.  I’m such a super-horny bitch—a Queen of Spades whore, if you will—and when there aren’t any lurking black men around to comfort me with their dicks, my dildo is always ready to get me high.  Sure, Darryl sometimes does his best with his tongue, but even he knows to utilise my dildo to make me climax the best way possible. It was through my black dildo that Darryl was able to persuade me to start dating black men.  I doubt he could have found any favourable means of dri

What A Husband Came Home to Find

  A husband's confession . . .  I returned home from work and found my wife’s thong panties lying on the floor.  It meant only one thing: her lover had dropped by, and they were currently fucking.  I picked up her panties and stuffed it into my pocket, then shut the door behind me and advanced into my home.   Her lover’s clothes were strewn across the furniture.  Larry is his name.  She had met him at a bar.  Their meeting had been a coincidental one: she had been there to meet a friend who somehow stood her up; likewise, he was there waiting on a date that never showed up.  According to Kristin, my wife, they had locked eyes on each other from across the room, and then Larry manoeuvred through the small crowd towards her and that was that.  Kristin’s one rule regarding her choice in lovers was that she never fucked a would-be lover on a first date.  But Larry had beguilingly charmed the panties off her, and she inevitably broke her rule that night.  She called me from his place, s