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Being Black-Owned

Being Black-Owned I can understand the percentage of couples, single women or hubbies who've got no desire wanting any of this for themselves. I even applaud them for making the decision. For the ones who're still considering, and the others wanting to know more, I guess some measure of explanation is required. A lot might consider the term 'Black-Owned' as something akin to slavery. That's far from the truth. It is and at the same time it isn't. Slavery means involving/punishing someone under your dominating power regardless of cause humanitarian reason. In other words, slavery rules out the right of choice. Being 'Black-Owned' involves choice: the slut woman/white boi/white couple choose to want themselves become totally immense in submission to their Black bull. The Black bull thus assumes the role of being a Black Master over them. It’s a choice that starts out with a form of desire: when the slut wife realizes what she's been

Worshipping a Black Master’s Cock

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Black Cock Fascination/Confession

Black Cock Fascination A hotwife’s fascination for wanting Black Cock must never be underestimated, especially by her husband.  Once a wife gets introduced into this lifestyle, a thin part of her is expected to act nonchalant about everything.  But that’s just a thin part of her.  Once her husband succeeds with igniting his wife’s desires, he must come to realize her desire is going to start growing from a seedling into a tree regarding her wanting to be seduced by a Black Master’s seed in her womb. It is inevitable that a white woman’s attraction for wanting her Black Master/lover’s cock inside her will surpass whatever initial intention her husband might have had when he thought of first introducing her into the cuckold lifestyle.  It is left to her Black Master/lover to tap into the unfettered world of her mind where her desire box is situated and continue to prop her toward wanting more of him.  As much of his cock he can give to her will be necessary to never let her

One Cuck, One hotwife and One Black Master/Bull

A lot of hubbies want nothing more than having sexual gratification from watching their wives enjoy some hardcore sex with a black man. It’s only fair that they be given this, however it’s weird to state that this is something a lot of black men out there simply don’t get, don’t understand, or just don’t want to be bothered about it, and that’s why I’m writing this post to tell them otherwise. If you visit a lot of erotic interracial forums, you’d see the same things that I often do: there’s plenty of black men in there, all waving their dicks like the place is some black dick gay parade, all of them itching for any white woman that dares to announce herself in there. I’ve got nothing wrong with that, but I often get to wonder: do this brothers think every white pussy is free??!!!? A lot of them have got nothing interesting to say besides: ‘want some black dick?’ Also, why do they always got to show their dicks first? How would I even know that’s actually theirs, or if maybe