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Her Favourite Chocolate!

Before she became a hotwife, once she was a housewife.  As a housewife, she was a dutiful white woman.  Always taking are of the homestead while hubby went off to work (I hope this doesn’t sound like a picture from the ‘50s).  She equally earns a living, as well takes care of the kids. The sex was good from the beginning, but somewhere along the line, that seemed to muddle away.  Her hubby started getting desperate, wanting to find means of reacquainting her with her sexual personality.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  But how many hubbies are willing enough to step up to the challenge? But let’s admit that you are one of such husband: against all odds, you found her a Black lover to seduce her.  Someone who’d appreciate her for the woman she once was before.  The sexual creature her husband desires her to become.  With the Black lover’s help, the housewife become transformed into a fiery hotwife.  Her love for her Black lover becomes more enhanced as da

Embracing Your Cuckold Desires

You never knew how much your woman would learn to accept the urge of cuckolding you with a lover. Seriously. That thought never before occurred to you until the day you eventually decided to let her in on your fantasy secret. A secret you’ve been mooning over in the back of your mind for so long a time. A secret you’ve shared with nobody else out of fear that society might consider you delusional and downright crazy. However, it wasn’t until you put your ear to the ground, began surfing the internet, visiting adult forums and corresponding with others via social media, and then you began to learn that such secrets aren’t only yours to keep. You came to realise that myriad of husbands out there just like you harbour similar wish for their wives/girlfriends. Some of them have taken the bold step of revealing this secret to their women with variety of results. But some of them, (matter of fact, many of them, including yourself) are yet to broach this subject. Matter of fact,