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Tyson in the Bedroom

  What's a husband to do when he returns home from work and finds a superior man in bed with his wife?  Does he cry for help, or does he sit there and take it? *           *           *           * The sky rumbled with the approach of rain as I drove towards my home in Convent Gardens. It was an hour past midday and you’d think there won’t be much traffic along the way, but wrong. The highway was blocked on account of a freak accident. It was all on the news when I tuned in my radio. The accident just seemed to add to my frustration. I turned the knob to a Classic Rock station and listened to Christine McVie of  Fleetwood Mac  croon to me about how I made loving fun. Yeah right, like that was supposed to make me feel happy. The rain began to splatter by the time I got home which was a few minutes past three. Sheryl’s car was in the driveway when I arrived so I had no choice but to park by the curb. “Sheryl, I’m home,” I called out as I shut the door behind me. I dropped my car keys