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BNWO - Christian Wife Chalice

A Christian wife who has taken the vow to become a "Chalice" in the servitude of Black-Ownership has to agree to the following terms: ~ She will make every attempt to regularly harvest and store the seed (semen) of any & all "Sons of Africa" (black men), especially to a designated Black Master who meets the standards of her vow. ~ She will sign herself into Black-Ownership agreement with her designated Black Master, and deign him to take sexual advantage of her whenever he deems it necessary to do so.  She will always welcome him into her life, into her home, and let his place be first where her white husband formerly occupies.  Her husband, too, will defer submissively to her Black Master/lover. He will continue to love his wife, and shower her with whatever form of indulgence that will ensure her Black Master continue to adore being with her.  The Black Master, in return, will sexually dominate the wife as well remold her into becoming a suitable ho