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On Your Wedding Day

Every white wife wants to bask in glee on the day of her wedding. And why shouldn’t she? It’s unlike any other day ever in her life.  It’s a day she’s never bound to forget.  Her being escorted by her father, saying her vows along with listening to her future husbands’, accepting his ring and then sharing a kiss . . . after which is followed by them walking down the aisle together under a flurry of excitement and happiness coming from friends and family. It is a day fraught to have plenty of memories.  Especially for the new couple’s families there to celebrate with them.  However, for a ‘Black-Owned’ couple that they as well are, the day carries more memories that are yet unfulfilled . . . but only for the time being. What the newly-wed couple know and no one else does, is that they have a special visitor there in the ranks with the rest of their revellers.  An inconspicuous Black man, or rather, their Black Master.  The couple is a bit disappointed that he isn’t