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10 Commandments for Black-Owned QoS Wives

Being a ‘Black-Owned’ slut requires that you become more self-aware of yourself not merely as a typical white housewife, but also as a sexual woman who desires the need of submitting yourself, body and soul, to your Black Master’s delight.  As well to the delight of any other Black man who wants demands you sexually.  Here are some Commandments that must never be forgotten by you once you’ve gotten your ‘Queen of Spades’ tattoo of Black Cock-Slut certification on your skin. 1.       Wedding Ring :  It is important that you wear your wedding ring, and have it on display should in case your Black Master/lover(s) desire taking snapshots of you to send later to your cuck hubby for his own submissive enjoyment.  Your wedding ring is a symbolism of your marital life.  However once you opt to cuck your husband, your wedding ring now represents your essence that is your new-found becoming as a Black-Owned hotwife. 2.        No Panties :  Panties won’t be required whenever yo

When the Wife Gets To Be On Top

Black Cock is as irresistible as it is addictive.  Hence the reason why once a white wife becomes enamored by it, she just can’t ever seem to let go.  The same feeling goes to her hubby too when he sits back and watches her enjoy her new-found love.  But even that is never enough for either of them.  As much as the husband gets a kick out of watching the wife make love to her Black Master/lover, he as well desires to share in the spoils.  The husband finds himself being drawn toward becoming their slave.  He wants to be humiliated in the best way, and wants to see his wife perform her humiliating task on him with glee. In such cases, the husband wants to be relieved of his masculine duty, which he has then given submissively to the wife’s lover, her Black Master.   The couples will thus adhere to the Black-Owned ‘Nature of Command’ which dictates that henceforth, the hubby will be under the wife, while the wife will take over his former position as she now becomes her Bla