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Letter/The Cuck in You

A Cuck Hubby's Letter Sir, I am at a loss for words right now as I realize I just unleashed a beast and may very well lose My sexy wife and become a pathetic little dick loser forever! You deserve her and she deserves your cock I will submit to you, sir as black men are far more dominant and sexual beasts that make us white boys seem so pathetic I actually am hard right now for some reason thinking about my wife leaving me for a black stud. What will my family think of her having a black baby, and my friends? It's inevitable to happen and I want you to fill her with your potent seed so bad I want her to have cum deep inside her and be impregnated by a monster black cock and give birth to your creation inside my wife. I have a feeling you'll eventually take her from me completely but I can't do a thing about it I've come to terms with that. How could we make this happen? Sincerely, Ken.   Master SHANGO's Reply Yes, cuc

2017: Year of the Cuck

    This is a letter to those white husbands across the States, Canada, and elsewhere in the world.  Especially for those husbands who have that yearning urge in their hearts and minds with regards to the cuckold desire beckoning to them much of the time. For some husbands, it’s ever unnerving how this urge crept up on them.  How could it be possible that they would be festered and hammered with such exotic thoughts as to wanting to see their wife play in the arms of another man?  Whatever could be responsible for them harbouring such crazy ideas as this?  Most husbands come to face the reality that they have always harboured such thoughts in the back of their minds.  The more you see your wife lying in bed beside you, so much more you picture her in the arms of another man.  In the arms of a better lover than you. That desire will remain in your mind for as long as you care.  It might go away for a while, and often it might even dissipate as you try to conquer with ot