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My Wife is Addicted to Interracial Porn!

  I have watched so much interracial porn that I’m surprised I haven’t become addicted to them.  There were times when I almost assumed that I have, but come to think of it, I always seem to steer far from reaching the threshold.  But I cannot say the same for my wife, Agnes.  This story is about my wife and how she became addicted towards watching porn. Agnes wasn’t always like this before, at least not for the first six years of us being married.  Contrary to what you might think, we had ourselves a terrific sex life.  She knew how to give it to me and knew I was capable of rocking her in bed whenever she needed me to.  But in the back of my head, I always perceived I wasn’t hitting her the way I ought to.  You know, like those black studs, there were times when I wish I’d fuck my wife hard enough to make her scream and beg for more.  Somehow I always missed the mark. During our early years of marriage, I did manage to stay away from consuming too much porn.  It wasn’t until after Ag