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Training a Mom & Daughter

For some, the thought of a mom and daughter sharing Black Cock together is the vilest reach of whatever might be considered taboo in the general public’s eye.  Some might want to line it right next to being considered as incestuous.  But that can only be farther from the truth. The desire of more white women considering interracial mixing is growing ever alarmingly, even for those who seem to be unaware of its movement spreading.  As older white women (Milfs, Cougars, and Mature wives) are learning to discover.  What’s the thought that their daughters won’t, too, be involved in this already?   The craving grows even stronger for a Milf-mom as she gets entrenched in her erotic desires of wanting Black Cock.  The fact that she then finds herself in the arms of a capable Black Master who’s willing to push her toward the outer stretches of her desires, its inevitable that she would want to spread this desire toward including other women around her, whether neighbors, friends . .

How to Welcome your Black Master/Lover

When it comes to first meetings between an anxious couple desiring to get involved in the cuckold lifestyle and their future Black Master, a lot of things can definitely go wrong.  It is never a definitive relationship even when they had exchanged lots of emails, back and forth messages on social media, and even gotten around to probably chatting on Skype or even via phone call.  Some issues can indeed soil their ideal meet.  For most couples, there’s always the in-built image they have in their minds of the type of Black man the husband might want to procure for his wife.  The same, too, goes for the wife, especially in cases where they can either be selfish about their wants.  And even when they do happen to be on the same page, the same can still occur: perhaps upon their first meeting, either of the couple realizes several flaws in the man’s outlook (his height or weight; his style of clothing as well demeanor), and for others it could be the man’s inner sense of presence

Your Wife’s a Black Cock-Tease Pt. 2

LETTER TO A SLUT-WIFE Hi there sexy, It’s taken me some time to work up enough energy to write to you.  Your hubby and I have been keeping in touch regularly with each other.  I already wrote to him about my thoughts regarding you.  I don’t know if he’s shown you my email; don’t worry, I already posted it here on my blog so you can read it all for yourself.  Basically I was letting him know how much you’re a Black Cock-Tease.  He’d obviously never heard such term before.  I just had to let him know what’s up.  And now’s my time to let you know what’s up, too. You’re looking good in your photos.  Just hot gorgeous and sexy.  But I know your hubby has told you that plenty of times already.  A good thing he’s been taking very good care of you.  What he doesn’t know is that all this time, he has been saving you up for something special.  Or rather for some special persons who’ve been wanting to have an interest on you for so long.  You didn’t know it then because you, jus

Your Wife’s a Cuck-Tease!

LETTER TO A CUCK-BOI Hi there cuck boi, Would you believe me if I were to tell you that your wife is actually a cock-tease?  And not just any ordinary cock-tease, oh no.  I’m talking about a Black Cock-teaser!  Oh yes, she definitely is.  I’m probably the first to let you in on that secret.  I even doubt if you’re well aware of it until now. Don’t get me wrong, cuck boi.  Your wife is a gorgeous-looking honey.  It was good of you to send me photos of her.  I especially love the ones of her wearing her Black Cock outfits.  You actually did strike gold when you found her.  And it’s a good thing that you did.  You’ve been taking good care of her all these years.  Her hair still looks golden even after all these years.  Though you might be seeing her differently, but I’m here to tell you otherwise.  And I’m here as well to tell you even more. You’ve been keeping your wife well groomed because you’ve been waiting all these years.  You’ve been waiting for someone like me