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What A Husband Came Home to Find

  A husband's confession . . .  I returned home from work and found my wife’s thong panties lying on the floor.  It meant only one thing: her lover had dropped by, and they were currently fucking.  I picked up her panties and stuffed it into my pocket, then shut the door behind me and advanced into my home.   Her lover’s clothes were strewn across the furniture.  Larry is his name.  She had met him at a bar.  Their meeting had been a coincidental one: she had been there to meet a friend who somehow stood her up; likewise, he was there waiting on a date that never showed up.  According to Kristin, my wife, they had locked eyes on each other from across the room, and then Larry manoeuvred through the small crowd towards her and that was that.  Kristin’s one rule regarding her choice in lovers was that she never fucked a would-be lover on a first date.  But Larry had beguilingly charmed the panties off her, and she inevitably broke her rule that night.  She called me from his place, s