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I, Slutwife (Reprise)

It was a Saturday night and I had a client to serve; plus, I was horny . We drove into the driveway of the Piedmont Hotel, my husband and I.  Usually I prefer going to my clients alone, but for months my husband has begged to allow him tag along so he could watch me in action.  He gets into a sulking mood whenever he sees me gearing up to venturing out into the evening.  I didn’t want to return home and listen to him whining again, so reluctantly I said yes but with conditions: I’m in charge and he’s to follow my lead and do whatever I want and never make a noise or grip about anything.  He was all smiles when he said yes and gave me a kiss of good luck, like I don’t already have that. My date for the night was a businessman from out of state.  He contacted me via my website and after going through my preliminary questions we’d opted on meeting.  I had no idea though how he was going to take seeing me with my husband Dean, but we’d just have to see how things go.

10 Lessons for a Slut-Wife

These are ten important lessons every ‘Black-Owned’ housewife/white woman should abide by to become a Champion slutwife.   Some of the rules, too, will apply as well to a single white woman.   1.  She signs a Cuckold Agreement with her Black Master designating him as her lover, and offering him the will to train her toward becoming a Black Cock Slut. 2.  She dresses sexually appropriate regarding whichever taste he desires of her.  3.  She demands her hubby submit to her Black Master as well, and accord whatever means of comfort & respectability he can offer to her Master. 4.  She spreads the word about her new-found sexually-liberated life to involve her best friends & even family members to partake in the lifestyle. 5.  She designates herself as becoming her Black Master’s sexual property.  The same goes to her hubby, too. 6.  She endeavors to acquire a Black-Owned or ‘Queen of Spades’ tattoo representing who owns her, and what she is becoming.

Summertime, July

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