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Your Wife, My Black-Owned Bitch!

    Your Wife, My Bitch! Your wife knows how to spread her legs for me whenever I come by.  She is quite a submissive slut, that means that I’ve trained her well.  You should see her whenever I come by your home.  Your wife knows how to wear the right costume to welcome me.  The right costume being nothing at all.  Sure, she might decide to wear a t-shirt just to cover herself in case any of the neighbours are nosying about.  But that t-shirt will be out of her the minute I walk in and shut the door behind me. She leads me to the living room and promptly wastes no time in her entertainment.  Of course, you aren’t home to capture what we’re doing.  That is your loss, cuck-boi, as you need to be at work bringing home the money for me to use and take care of her for you.  She offers me something to drink from the fridge.  Most times, I’m thirsty when I come by, and you know the one thing that would quench my thirst, don’t you, sissy-boi?   Your bitch drops

My Night As A Weenie-boi

Weenie     Hi Damien, I follow you on Flickr  and Twitter , and love to see you use white slut whores and their short dicked white cuck husbands. I have always had a special thing for watching a white whore take a big fat black cock in all 3 cum holes. Even from when I watched those 8mm fuck movies on the wall with a noisy projector and no sound. I then thought about trying to get my wife into swinging and fucking black men. We are from the south, and the way we grew up. That was taboo. My wife had never touched a black cock; only a few white ones. As for me, I have a pitiful 4 inch white weenie. Months afterwards, I finally talked her into going to an off premise swingers club in Tampa. There we met a white couple, and there were several black men in the club. One very tall Jamaican came over to my wife and asked her to dance. She looked over at me with a look of she didn't want to do it. I just looked the other direction, and she got up and danced with him.