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WIFEHUSBANDLOVER - A Story in Three Characters

     Here's a short story you will find in my recent collection of short stories titled Wife Breeding Team & Other Stories .  It tells of a mature couple's cuckold night with a young black lover, but told from each character's perspective.  Enjoy. JOHN Oh my God, someone help me! My heart’s beating so fast in my chest right now.  I feel like I’m having a heart attack but really I’m not.  I’m not ill or nothing—this is something I’m encountering that’s so bigger than me.  Something I’d always dreamed of happening but never really thought it would ever come through.  Who would have thought such a dream ever would possibly come through? What’s happening before my eyes isn’t about me.  Not by a long shot.  I’m sitting by the poolside of Queensland Resort, watching my lovely other half Betsy dance to a rhythm and blues number with the young black man I’d allegedly taken time to set her up with as a lover.  His name is Elliot and t

Letter to a Hubby: With or without You

Master SHANGO's letter to a Hubby: I’ve been spending plenty of time chatting with your woman, cuck boi.  I’ve got good news and bad news for your ears.  The good news is simple: your wife wants to cuck you so she can become a Black Cock-slut.  The bad news is she’s going to go ahead with doing it, with you or without you. With you, or without you. Doesn’t it remind you of that classic U2 song?  And just like that song, doesn’t these same words bring some measure of anxiety and excitement pumping into your heart?  It should, indeed, even though I know a part of you isn’t all too happy about it. The fact is that you’ve awaken a sleeping giant in your wife.  All this time you’ve been searching for an avenue to get her to agree with you on your lusty desires.  Remember all those days you talked about how hard it was for you to even bring up the subject?  So many times you tried yet she’d end up saying no? You remember those times you used to run ove

Wives @ Play; Husbands Watching

Five horny wives decide to come together and forlick in their love for Black men, and the lust they derive from their sexual encounters, while their husbands have no choice but to submit as well to their wives' new lifestyle.  Enjoy this raunchy excerpt from ' The Suburban Wives Club '.  There were several black men in the room.   It took Marty and Jolene seconds to count six, and they were either semi-clothed or naked.  The women in their midst were Monica, Hailey, Gail and Bunny; their men were there, too, occupying a corner of the living room.  The women wore the appropriate outfit of see-through negligee, bras and panties with thigh stockings and high-heels just like Jolene, all frolicking with the black men.  Monica was the first to wave at them while still locked in the arms of her lover who was busy groping every soft part of her body. “Hiya, Mart,” Monica said.  “Hey there, Jo.  You two gonna stand there all day or are you gonna come join the party?”