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My Wife in Bed with Tibbs

Enjoy an excerpt of one of my classic erotic novels Mr. Tibbs . And when you get done reading through the first chapter, get in touch with me via email or social media and tell me that the first chapter didn't really get you hard/wet. *  *  *  *  * There came a rustling sound followed by my wife’s moaning voice. The sound of that voice whenever it moaned was much too familiar to me; it always got me going anytime I listened to it. The room was dark and I lay there on my back beside the bed trying to adjust my eyes to the bedroom’s darkness. Beside me the bed was shaking. I heard what sounded like kisses. It was followed by a loud smack, then the sound of my wife bursting into giggles. It was late in the night. The glowing dial of my watch stated the time as 02:27 a.m. My wife was in bed with her lover, Mr. Tibbs. He was a black man in his mid-thirties, tall and with an impressive athletic stature like that of an NBA player, and bore an uncanny resemblance to t

She Wants BLACK CUM!

A message to a cuck hubby: Your horny slutwife knows what she wants.  You know what you want for her.  You know that what you want is exactly what her Black lover wants for her, too. She wants that cum pouring out of that Black Cock.  Every drop of it.  She needs it like the earth needs the sun.  You being her husband knows that she wants it, too.  Matter of fact, you’re just as well craving that cum for her as well for yourself.  You’re such a naughty boy, itching for the moment when her lover gets to cum inside her pussy, asshole, or even her mouth.  You’re itching for her to look at you and gesture at you to come and share some of her lover’s cum with you. Don’t get too flushed, cuckboi.  Every cuck hubby desires this, likewise you.  But more important is that your wife desires it most especially.  There’s nothing like watching a hotwife submit herself to her Black lover’s delight.  As you sit beside the bed, or stand watch over them, taking pictures as is appropri