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Notes on Wife Sharing

“Have you ever stood back and watched your wife kiss her Black men? The sheer beauty of my wife naked in the arms of one of my co-workers and 4 or 5 other Black co-workers are standing around watching is breath-taking.  For some reason when a Black guy has my wife in his arms and he’s smiling at the other Black guys, I really get to notice just how beautiful she is. When she lays down and kicks her feet up in the air and spreads her sexy thighs for all the guys to see her pussy, I realise just how hot she is. When she is giving them her pussy and moaning and squirming everywhere, I realize my wife has the best pussy ever and she loves giving it to her Black men.  When my friend cums in my wife’s pussy and gets off of her, and she says next, it’s like music to my ears.” •         Notes from a Florida husband.   For worthy husbands who love to share their wives, nothing gives them more pleasure than to see her being sought after by other men.  It enhances his pride with the notion that h