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Your Wife on Vacation

Picture this as it happens . . . Your wife decides to venture on a summer vacation alone with herself.  Can you imagine the variety of temptation that’s bound to follow?  Especially when you realize she’s traveling to a Caribbean island.  Some place where there’s bound to be hundreds of black men around. You can’t be more happier and excited than that.  Unfortunately you won’t be there to see whatever comes about; nothing you can do except wait for her to tell you. I know that’s gonna hurt, but it’s not your choice, cuck-boi. But picture your wife lying down naked at a beach, working on her tan, and suddenly a group of brothers spot her and decide to approach . . . The brothers have been scooping up white chicks for months and know that the summer beaches are the right places to find stray white women laying about.   They zero in on your wife.  It’s even great that she’s alone with herself.  There’s nobody around to interrupt them from sco