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Embrace Your Black-Owned Life

Learn to embrace what you are and don’t ever be afraid to say it. Such is one of the demanding quality of being a slutwife. It isn’t merely the fact that you are now licensed by your husband (and even your Black Master) to enjoy being serviced by black cock, but that your entire being now much be geared towards worshipping and serving your Black gods however they demand of you. As a Black-Owned slut, you are expected to wear your whore-wife status with pride and joy. Let your husband be well aware that henceforth you are a newly liberated housewife. No longer will you be taking your commands from him but from your Black Master instead. You are expected to open forth your home to introducing your Black Master into it; the same goes to your husband as well. As a Black-Owned couple, worshipping your Master must be utmost on both your minds and heart. You must love, honour, and cherish your Black god in the best way possible, like he was your first love. Yes, it will be expe

Black Cock Experience at Tampa Swingers Club - Cuckold Confession

This is an excerpt from a letter sent to me from a Miami-based couple.  The hubby has been a fervent follower of my blog and decided to write to me, detailing his wife's first black cock experience in the hands of several Black Doms at a swingers club. *  *  *  * Hi Damien, I follow you on Flickr, and love to see you use white slut whores and their short dicked white cuck husbands. I have always had a special thing for watching a white whore take big fat black cock in all 3 cum holes. Even from when I watched those 8mm fuck movies on the wall with a noisy projector with no sound. I then thought about trying to get my wife into swinging and fucking black men. We are from the south, and the way we grew up, that was taboo. My wife had never touched a black cock. I finally talked her into going to an off premise swingers club in Tampa. There we met a white couple, and there were several black men in the club. One very tall Jamaican came over to my wife and