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BLACK-OWNED WORLD: Bareback & Creampie Love

There is the creampie revolution going on! No one knew when or how it started, who started it, if not who, then what got the ball rolling. Most would accept it had begun way before they even knew about it. Remember when you used to watch those classic porn movies where you’d watch the man jerk his load all over the woman’s tits or crotch? Who ever knew when the moment came that you started enjoying the sight of them actually cumming in pussies? The acceptance had always been that that’s what married couples do . . . Not anymore. We’ve moved past that arena into the future. Now we’re at the stage when it’s unacceptable for a hotwife not to want her Black Master/lover to cum inside her. Wives can’t hide their desire about not wanting that delicious moment to happen. Most especially their hubbies don’t either. In a cuckold relationship, it is expected the wife will sooner or later attempt to go bareback. That is if she hasn’t made that decision already. And if perhap

Your Daughter’s Black Boss

Your Daughter’s Black Boss Dear sir, Your daughter loves her job so much.  I’ll bet she’s never told you, and you’ve never once thought to find out: her keeping plenty of late hours at the office, performing whatever menial task that comes her way.  She’s very dedicated and hard-working.  Always she returns home with a smile on her face, tells you how very great her job is and how she even gets along with everyone there. But I’ll bet you’ve never once thought to wonder why that’s possible. The reason she’s happy, the reason she loves her job so much, is because she’s so much in love with her Black boss.  Your daughter has been working under him as an intern for two months now.  All that time she has done all what she could to capture his eye.  To even see him glance her way gets her blood boiling.  Always ready to serve him his usual cup of coffee even before he needs it; to do whatever task he demands of her.  Even the other co-workers get jealous.  Plenty of t

Inside the Submission House (Excerpt)

   Enjoy an excerpt off my erotic novel THE SUBURBAN WIVES CLUB .  You can find it on Amazon , Barnes and Noble, or if you prefer other format, on Fiction4All .  ****   ****   ****  Desire in hell. Paradise on a silver platter. Sex and pleasure unlike anything she could have envisioned beholding inside the mansion.  Yet with all that passed before Jolene’s eyes, everything she duly noted and absorbed, she couldn’t think of a concrete word or phrase to sum up what she beheld.  Just when she thought she had a befitting word to describe it all, her eyes befell on something else that swept the initial word off her mind.  Something outrageous, repulsively decadent, and just plain bizarre . . . and yet she couldn’t help but feel welcomed by it. She and Bunny stuck with each other like Siamese twins while Hailey broke off and went with Gail and Monica, who looked just as delighted and unperturbed with exploring the mansion’s sanctum.  Monica wore a black leather tan