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Know Your Place in the Black New World Order!

Know your place, white bois! White boys are becoming cuckolds at record rates because of deep seeded interracial porn addiction developed during the digital age. Their entire basis of sexuality is continuously watching African men fuck young and fertile white women, and rarely if ever actively participating. Because of this repetitive portrayal driven by every form of media, the cuckold phenomenon will become even more pervasive for the generation that has come of age and become sexually aware growing up with unprecedented access to the newer and more sophisticated mobile phones in addition to tablets and so many other other devices. The white genocide is only beginning. This is the new normal for white boys who masturbate to a lot of interracial porn while all of the pretty young white girls are sucking and fucking big black cocks, and most of the girls being promoted the most are often the prettiest blonds that match their ideal fantasy image.   So whenever they see

Life of a Newlywed Black-Owned Couple

Every white wife wants to bask in glee on the day of her wedding. And why shouldn’t she? It’s unlike any other day ever in her life. It’s a day she’s never bound to forget. The sight of her as a Bride being escorted by her father into the chapel, saying her vows along with listening to that of her Groom   —   her future husbands   —   accepting his ring then sealing it with a kiss . . . after which they walk down the aisle under a flurry of excitement and happiness coming from friends and family and well-wishers. It is a day fraught to have plenty of exotic memories. Especially for the newlyweds’ families there to celebrate with them. However, for a ‘Black-Owned’ couple that they as well are, the day carries more memories that are yet unfulfilled . . . but only for the time being. What the newlyweds know and nobody else does, is that there is a special visitor harbouring  with the rest of their revellers. An inconspicuous Black man, or rather, their Black Maste