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Mom and Daughter Share a Lover

The basketball game had concluded when Gerald switch the channel to one of Natural Geography.   There were Pay-Per-View channels available, but none was of NSFW variety, which was a shame.   He felt the pressing urge to jerk off to something.   He could hear the sex coming from the bedroom.   He thought he caught wind of Eloise, but it was hard to tell whom Jerome was attending to at the moment.   Gerald was sitting there and sweating, counting off the seconds in his wristwatch.   Five minutes.   That was one rule Jerome gave him when it came time to fucking Eloise.   He should stay outside the bedroom for five minutes before venturing inside.   That gave Jerome and Eloise enough time to be comfortable.   Gerald was submissive enough to keep to that rule, though this time around he was desperately itching for the minute to tick faster.   His daughter Greta was in there with her husband Jerome, and her mother.   What a perfect combo it is to see mom and daughter in action, bo

Essentials of Cuckold Humiliation

The question can be asked: is it necessary for a wife to humiliate her husband just to show off her love toward her Black Master/lover?   The answer is no, it is not necessary, but more than likely essential, especially when it involves a couple wanting to become involved in the cuckold lifestyle. The humiliation aspect doesn’t always need to be there.   But this is the cuckold lifestyle we’re talking about here.   If a husband can willingly allow his wife to get with another man in his presence, even that is humiliators enough.   However in this case, that aspect comes with a transfer of power and sexual superiority affirmation from the cuck onto his wife, and possibly her lover. Once a white couple becomes introduced to the level of Black-Ownership: of both of them committing themselves towards the service and worship of a Black Master in their lives/home, it is expected for the cuck to realise their relationship is about to undergo a drastic change.   He must hen