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This is a subject I know more and more husbands are starting to talk about.  Of course it does sound scary for most, and it would have their wives/girlfriends, too.  But it is a subject that must never be neglected.  And it comes with a bonus price as well. The price for a white woman, whether married or single, to go bareback with her Black Master/lover(s) is a trend that’s growing.  Gone are the times when most cuckold couples would instead prefer a bull to come wearing a rubber over his cock.  Not that its still not happening.  But for most couples, there’s always the need for the wife to go bareback as soon as possible.  How else would she want to feel the real strength of a black cock stretching her pussy?  Nothing beats the thrill of a horny milf taking a strong Black Cock deep into her pussy without any unnecessary thing blocking the means of her feeling every inch of his cock. Most husbands, too, tend to go crazy with excitement and anticipation of watching that