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Emily Finds A Young Black Lover - Cuckold Confession

Me and my wife Emily got married four years ago and have enjoyed reading about cuckolded husbands, especially the ones where Black studs fuck the wives. They fuelled our fantasies. For the last couple of years I have badgered her to give it a go herself to find out what makes black guys so good. I became even more insistent when a Black youth joined the firm straight from college and became one of my apprentices last year. Carl was 18 but from his remarks and his way with some of the girls at work and the rumours I heard, he was clearly very experienced at fucking them. I had also seen that he was very well endowed both by the bulge in his jeans and, on a couple of occasions in the toilets. It was really massive even though only limp. I began imagining him slipping it into Emily's pussy. I was having strong visions of my sexy 28 year old wife enjoying being fucked by him while I wanked. Then I read an article in a sex magazine about just such a scenario.  Emily enj