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Thinkin’ About your Wife

When you wake up in the morning and you see your wife next to you smiling at you, don’t you often wish she was giving that smile to someone else other than you?  Someone who’s just as special as you are to her?  Maybe someone who’s even more special.  Don't you wish that special person was in your bed right now, while you sat across watching him make love  fuck your wife for you?   Doesn't that make you hard right now, cuck-boi?  I'll bet it does.  Don't try to hide it.  Plenty of white bois like you out there love denying the truth from yourselves.  When you’re at work seated behind your desk, or over at your workplace cubicle, do you ever imagine what your wife might be up to back at home?  When you make out time to call her to find out whatever she’s doing,  do you press the phone hard to your ear assuming you’re hearing other voice(es) in the background?  Or do you picture her in another man's bedroom right now - probably mine - and she's