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A Date with Coach Elwood - Excerpt

  A hotwife desires for her son to be included in the school's football team. What better way to secure this than for her to bribe the school coach with the best currency available . . . *      *      * The motel was located on an exit lane off the main highway leading towards the airport. A shabby looking structure that looked like it was so close to being labelled as dilapidated. “You not going to tell me who it is we’re meeting here?” April asked as they got to the top floor and took a left turn along the corridor. “All in good time,” said Jenny. “For God’s sake, I need to know,” she whined. Jenny took off her sunglasses as they came and stopped in front of a door. April looked at the door and imagined something dreadful about to jump out and surprise them. “This is it,” Jenny pocketed her glasses then knocked on the door. The door opened a crack and at first neither could make out the figure of the man standing due to the darkness of the room. It was not until the light came on

Won’t You Love to Watch Your Wife?

Would you object to being there to watch your wife getting fucked? It isn’t a no-brainer type of question, and I know it’s one that many would find most comfortable to arrive at an answer.  But what is seldom asked is the self-awareness that comes with answering such question: do most husbands/boyfriends understand the reason(s) regarding why they would say yes to such activity? There is an abject attraction that comes with voyeurism, especially when it involves a husband spying on his wife having sex (or if you want to be candid: getting fucked) by another man.  Even more so when it happens to be a black man, as that usually evokes an immediate range of emotions from the readers of this article, and in the minds of husbands who willingly indulge in such activity.   There is the rush that comes for such husbands knowing their wives are at home with another man, or even better, that somehow she has succumbed to another man’s seductive temptations.  She might be sneaky about it, and for