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My Black Dildo - A Hotwife’s Confession

  Seven years ago to this very day was when I accepted my stance as a hotwife.  How did it come about?  It began when Darryl, my husband, bought me a 10-inch black dildo as a surprise birthday gift.  I immediately fell in love with it and have not looked back since. Over the years, I have accumulated other effective dildos and an array of sex toys as part of my kinky arsenal, but nothing gives me enormous orgasm than my black dildo.  I take it with me almost everywhere: to my workplace, and sometimes when I go shopping.  I’m such a super-horny bitch—a Queen of Spades whore, if you will—and when there aren’t any lurking black men around to comfort me with their dicks, my dildo is always ready to get me high.  Sure, Darryl sometimes does his best with his tongue, but even he knows to utilise my dildo to make me climax the best way possible. It was through my black dildo that Darryl was able to persuade me to start dating black men.  I doubt he could have found any favourable means of dri