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Stages of Black Cock Emancipation

The sweet emancipation of a snowbunny slut’s mind toward submitting to the needs and demands of Black Cock often begins in numerous ways and means.  This is especially true for those who’re just becoming self-aware of this desire as it’s possibly already affecting much of her environment.  Although there exists a dynamic verse of information as regards to how more white women can learn to desire wanting this experience, for plenty of others that remain clueless about it, or that are already desperate for it but are yet to have enjoy that first Black Cock experience, certain aspects are known to occur in their minds when confronted by this need.  1. Fear Most white sluts are initially dwelling on that high-powered rush of adrenaline when it comes to confronting their first Black Cock Training experience.  This fear is more akin to the unknown of what they’re about to submit themselves to.  Prior to this time, they have poured countless hours gossiping about Black

Investigating Your Wife’s Coochie – Wife’s Perspective

Picture this: A sexy milf is getting fucked by her Black lover.  They are at his pad.  Their clothes strewn across the floor.  She drops to her knees and wastes no time  worshiping  his cock, slurping over his shaft.  Her lover takes several snapshots of her sucking on his cock with his cell phone.  He had set up a camera on a tripod across the room to record everything.  He leads her to the bed and spends the next hour fucking her every which way.  It’s not their first time, and it certainly won’t be their last.  She loves his cock.  She never fails to tell him that, especially when he’s fucking her.  Already he’s called up two other of his buddies to come over.  They stop to relax a bit and later his friends arrive and they too get out of their clothes.   The milf takes turns sucking each cock aimed at her face before getting gang-banged by them.  The men shoot their load deep in her pussy and other times she swallows their cum.  They cum in her ass, too.  Sh

A Little thing called Humiliation

A Little thing called Humiliation When a husband gives himself and his wife to the welcoming arms of a Black Master, as long as the hubby desires wanting to be involved in the cuckold relationship, he should expect some form of humiliation to come his way.  That’s not a plus or minus, it’s just the way it’s meant to be.  Why else would he desire to get involved in the first place?  Why else would he have spent so many weeks, months and (for some fortunate husbands) years for them to finally see this dream of their s come through.  The dream being toward convincing their wives to take on a Black lover. All those months and even years of hard-earned sweat and fear, of wondering whether the wife would succumb to his persistent but gentle prodding, have finally paid off.   For most husbands/boyfriends, this is the one big hurdle of which they've been so desperate to clear.   In the early onset, most husbands are often  dishonest  with their intentions, claiming