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Question/While Her Husband Gently Slept

A question that needs to be asked: What if a husband actually knows his wife is cheating/cucking him, but yet pretends to keep a blind eye to it.  Would most husbands be okay with that, or would they remain unsatisfied about their lack of involvement in watching their wives submit to her lover(s) in his presence?  Would that actually constitute as cheating or cuckolding? I would love to hear from husbands who have suffered this fate before, and how they've managed to reconcile with it, if really they did.  In the meantime, let me offer you this tale below: * * * * It was a day to celebrate. My friend and colleague Chris had just been promoted and relocated to take over our new branch of office in upstate Cape City. He’d invited me over to his home, after which the three of us – his wife included – went off to a club to celebrate. Justin, my friend’s wife, was so looking hot and gorgeous. Before we left for the club, I remarked that her evening outfit and th