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A Slutwife's Black Cock Confession

I am a hotwife. I’ve got the tramp-stamp, Black Cock-slut outfits and customised ‘Queen of Spades’ jewellery to prove my word. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a freak of a hotwife. My husband knows it, too. He knew about it when we began dating, and after we got married. He’s supported me through this endeavour, and I will always love and cherish him for sticking by me. The road wasn’t easy. There were times I sat and questioned myself whether this was seriously something I wanted to explore. But I’ve always considered myself a slut. A slut who loves black men. Yes, I love strong black men. They are the only ones capable of fucking me the way I need to be fucked. Whenever I’m with them, I'm like a piece of meat to be used however they want and whenever. I’ve got a Queen of Spades tattoo on my butt and on my ankle, and I’m proud revealing it to whichever man wants to have a go at me. It was a black man that took my virginity. I was

The Submissive Wife - excerpt

Check out this excerpt from my recently published erotic novel “ The Submissive Wife ”.  Hope you enjoy it, and if you do, leave a comment letting me know how much you dig it . *         *         * Just another typical summer evening somewhere in the city.  A blue Honda pulled into the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant, and then the front door opened and a middle-aged man in a brown jacket came down and glanced furtively around which way before shutting the door.  He adjusted the collar of his jacket and ran a hand over the sparse growth of hair that matted his head before approaching the restaurant’s entrance. He entered the restaurant and unfurled a handkerchief out of his pocket to dab his face.  His name was Donald, and he was here to make a transaction.   Few people were occupying the restaurant at that hour: middle to lower-class night-owlers, they appeared to be.  He stopped when he observed a dapper-looking black man seated at a window booth waving