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The BLACK-OWNED Take-Over A Message from Master SHANGO, You think that you are who you are, but I'm here to let you know a little secret: you are not! I say this to the cuck hubby/wannabe who happens to find my blog enjoyable.   You know who you are, so don't try to pretend.   You’ve been coming to my blog for so long now, this one as well my Tumblr .  You’ve enjoyed my articles, have downloaded and read my magazines, and even purchased a few of my erotic novels.  You follow me on every social media outlet that you can find me.  You’re always on the look-out for future postings from me . . . but for some reason you’re so scared of contacting me.  Of wanting to bare yourself to me, knowing that by doing that you will be exposing yourself to the great lie that you’ve lived all this time. The great lie tells you that you’re a white male who is outstanding in the eyes of society and everything that’s in front of you.  But you and I know the truth, don’t

Wife Breeding Team - excerpt

It's finally out, and I'd love to thank all of you for your patience in waiting.   WIFE BREEDING TEAM & OTHER STORIES is presently available on Fiction4All .  The Amazon version will be out at a sooner time.  But for those who're just impatient to know what its about, here is an excerpt to whet your appetite.  You can find a second excerpt at my website HERE. . .   *  *  *  *  *  *  Gladys Landis had never in her life had sex with a black man before.    Not once before did it occur to her that she would indulge in such a thing . . . until now, that is.    After tonight nothing about her life will be the same again; this she realized.    In college she too had been privy to the rumors and crazy gossip from her friends about black guys, especially about their sexual prowess and stamina.    A couple of her friends had dared to try to her shocking amazement.    They, too, had laid conformation to the rumors as true.    Gladys had envied her friends who att

That CUCKOLD-ing Type Fear

    That CUCKOLD-ing Type Fear There is such a fear that hovers in the minds (or in the back of their minds, if you want to put it that way), of a lot of couples who wish to get involved in this lifestyle.  Such fear is often shared between the couple or by one of the spouse individually, although for either, it could be separate, and that’s the fear of them losing each other when a third man gets invited into their matrimonial circle. For a lot of hubbies, the fear are listed below: “What if the wife falls in love with the bull, and she ends up divorcing me and heading off with him?” “What if she ends up loving his cock and no longer wants mine anymore?” “What if he becomes dominating and starts running our lives whichever way he wants?” A lot of scenarios play in his mind, and such might turn him against wanting to get involved in this lifestyle.  Then there’s the fears coming from the wife: “What happens if the bull isn’t someone trust-worthy?” “

Housewife Before; Hotwife After

What happens to a housewife after she is introduced to the cuckold lifestyle? For most housewives, there exist a ‘Before’, and an ‘After’, for when they become introduced to the cuckold lifestyle. Changes occur within and around them, with whomever they are involved with: this refers not just toward their husband but their lover(s) also. It as well includes her dealings with her friends. But the emphasis here is her behavior toward her hubby. Not every couple is expected to pass through the same trail. All of that depends on how well they both decide to go down this road. Sometimes, though, a lot of it depends on the hubby’s desire. I emphasize this because the number of hubbies desiring this lifestyle for their wives is ever in the increase. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t housewives out there who won’t want to cuck their hubbies. Matter of fact, I have met such women before and I know a lot of them do trail my postings here as well on my Tumblr account. But they’re