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When Your Girlfriend is a Black Cock-Tease

What's a white boi to do when he realises his woman is way too much for him to handle?  When he discovers that she's more of a pussy-magnet for Black men than she is to him?  What better way for a white boi to watch his woman in hot action with her other boyfriend - her real lover - while he sits there and watches . . . * * * * My girlfriend had been teasing me for months. We’ve been together over a year, but even when she began acting flirty, I knew it was only a matter of time before she went full throttle, pardon my pun. The reason Lisa enjoys teasing me is simple: she  loves  to fuck. Lisa is such a crazed horny slut in bed and I’m foolishly inadequate keeping up with her. So many times I’ve beared the brunt of vicious tongue-lashing from her when I failed to get her to her climaxing peak. I’ve tried every possible means to change things, even popped Viagra once but even that didn’t work. We often made love frequently, but since she moved in with