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When Your Girlfriend is a Black Cock-Tease

What's a white boi to do when he realises his woman is way too much for him to handle?  When he discovers that she's more of a pussy-magnet for Black men than she is to him?  What better way for a white boi to watch his woman in hot action with her other boyfriend - her real lover - while he sits there and watches . . . * * * * My girlfriend had been teasing me for months. We’ve been together over a year, but even when she began acting flirty, I knew it was only a matter of time before she went full throttle, pardon my pun. The reason Lisa enjoys teasing me is simple: she  loves  to fuck. Lisa is such a crazed horny slut in bed and I’m foolishly inadequate keeping up with her. So many times I’ve beared the brunt of vicious tongue-lashing from her when I failed to get her to her climaxing peak. I’ve tried every possible means to change things, even popped Viagra once but even that didn’t work. We often made love frequently, but since she moved in with

Question/While Her Husband Gently Slept

A question that needs to be asked: What if a husband actually knows his wife is cheating/cucking him, but yet pretends to keep a blind eye to it.  Would most husbands be okay with that, or would they remain unsatisfied about their lack of involvement in watching their wives submit to her lover(s) in his presence?  Would that actually constitute as cheating or cuckolding? I would love to hear from husbands who have suffered this fate before, and how they've managed to reconcile with it, if really they did.  In the meantime, let me offer you this tale below: * * * * It was a day to celebrate. My friend and colleague Chris had just been promoted and relocated to take over our new branch of office in upstate Cape City. He’d invited me over to his home, after which the three of us – his wife included – went off to a club to celebrate. Justin, my friend’s wife, was so looking hot and gorgeous. Before we left for the club, I remarked that her evening outfit and th

What the Cuckold Wants, Pt. One

" It is simply a thrill without compare to watch your wife getting fucked by Her Lover. " (Happy cuckold). Most cuckolds are kind and considerate husbands and say they love their wives and want them to be sexually satisfied "more than anything else in the world." One cuckold hubby said "it is a real release of pressure to know that my wife is getting sexually satisfied by Her Lover in a way that I couldn't do it." Another said he wanted nothing more than his sexy wife "to be fucked properly." Though the wife's sexual satisfaction is paramount, most cuckold hubbies want to get something out of it too. If there was one thing that emerged over and over in surveys and discussions, it was how cuckolds want to participate, if sometimes only indirectly, in their wives' hot liaisons with Her Lover(s). Watching, listening, licking, sucking, and sometimes participating jointly turn many on, even if it is only "sloppy second

BNWO - Christian Wife Chalice

A Christian wife who has taken the vow to become a "Chalice" in the servitude of Black-Ownership has to agree to the following terms: ~ She will make every attempt to regularly harvest and store the seed (semen) of any & all "Sons of Africa" (black men), especially to a designated Black Master who meets the standards of her vow. ~ She will sign herself into Black-Ownership agreement with her designated Black Master, and deign him to take sexual advantage of her whenever he deems it necessary to do so.  She will always welcome him into her life, into her home, and let his place be first where her white husband formerly occupies.  Her husband, too, will defer submissively to her Black Master/lover. He will continue to love his wife, and shower her with whatever form of indulgence that will ensure her Black Master continue to adore being with her.  The Black Master, in return, will sexually dominate the wife as well remold her into becoming a suitable ho

Embrace Your Black-Owned Life

Learn to embrace what you are and don’t ever be afraid to say it. Such is one of the demanding quality of being a slutwife. It isn’t merely the fact that you are now licensed by your husband (and even your Black Master) to enjoy being serviced by black cock, but that your entire being now much be geared towards worshipping and serving your Black gods however they demand of you. As a Black-Owned slut, you are expected to wear your whore-wife status with pride and joy. Let your husband be well aware that henceforth you are a newly liberated housewife. No longer will you be taking your commands from him but from your Black Master instead. You are expected to open forth your home to introducing your Black Master into it; the same goes to your husband as well. As a Black-Owned couple, worshipping your Master must be utmost on both your minds and heart. You must love, honour, and cherish your Black god in the best way possible, like he was your first love. Yes, it will be expe