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A Christian Wife's Choice

A lot of husbands will thrive better as long as they remember this golden rule: When it comes to Cuckoldry, your wife is expected to know.  How else would you expect her to successful cuck you if she isn’t aware?  Or put it this way, how else would you expect to carry out a successful cuckold adventure with your wife/girlfriend if she is clueless about this being on your mind this entire time? Yes, there lies the fear of rejection: Would she say yes, or would she think I’m crazy and tell me to go to hell?   There is no reason to say she won’t on either. What matters is how best you carry on with communicating this idea to her.  Even if she says no, as she’s expected to say, doesn’t mean the conversation should end there. For many wives, the reality of this desire is bound to gradually dawn on them once the realise such actually does exist out there. That innate desire of wanting to explore outside their marriage is often at the back of many white couple’s minds

What If She Says Yes to Cucking You

You stood there observing the way your wife grasped her lover's cock and that moment was when the reality of your cuckold desire hit you in the face with dismay: your worst nightmare is now happening before your eyes. You saw how big her lover's cock was.  Far bigger than yours . . . Thicker, too. And your wife loved it so much. In truth, most husbands cannot help their cuckold desires.  It hides inside them for what might seem like eons.  But like a dormant volcano suddenly exploding with life, all it takes is one suggestive stimuli for most husbands to start coming to terms with what they have always kept hidden from their wives/girlfriends all this time. It comes like a weight that’s falling off their chest once majority of husbands get to acknowledge this strong desire.  Regardless of their environment, their social standing,  or of how supportive or lack thereof from their immediate community, many husbands come to realise they can no longer sh