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Couples Going Black

Going Black is never meant to be a one-time thing for a cuckold couple seeking Black-Ownership.  Do not go thinking that if simply your woman gets to fuck a Black Cock once that it would mean she would immediately become hooked onto it once and for all.  Such is not usually the case. For some women, they might find it easy.  But that is because they have long considered this choice and have resolved within themselves that total submission towards black cock experience is what is essential for them.  However, for most other women out there, especially married ones, it takes some time for the desire to acclimatise in their mind.    What is required for them is steady on going onslaught of Black Cock Training to make the idea stick in their heart and mind. Black Cock seduction begins in the mind: once the thought becomes cemented there in the woman’s mind, it is inevitable to spread towards her wanting to submit to the urge however she wants.  This is the time when

A Date with Two Hotwives - Southern Hospitality

I don’t remember when I dozed off last night, only when I awoke in the morning.   Golden rays of sunlight splashed through the window and highlighted half of the bed; there was the noise of birds chirping tirelessly outside.   I turned to my side and saw Linda’s cat Jinks staring slothfully at me; Linda was nowhere in the room. I sat up on the bed and saw her purple dress from last night lying on her side of the bed. The activities of the night came back to me.   Linda had led me to bed after we showered.   We fucked.   We cuddled and chatted for a while.   Then we fucked some more.   She went downstairs and returned with a plate of sandwich and a bottle of wine.   Again, we fucked some more.   It’s no wonder I don’t recall when I slept. I found my watch on the bedside cabinet and it said 9:35 a.m. I slid off the bed and shuffled wearily into the bathroom.   A half hour later I dried myself up and wore my clothes and left the room. Down the stairs I went and headed

My Wife Loves Black Men – Confession

My wife loves Black men.   You won’t ever hear her admit to such, but I know deep down in her heart she does.   She pretty much likes seeing everything on TV that has to do with Black men – whether it be sports (she loves LeBron like crazy!), or movies (she saw the Black Panther movie five times and won’t stop cheering for the lead actor even to this day!), and she’s so in love with Barack Obama.   She follows his Twitter and Instagram account.   A smile always lights her face whenever he tweets something, and she’s always quick to press the like button.   She loves black women too, but not as much as the men. I have attempted many times to turn this to my advantage to see about getting her to cuck me.   I’m very certain that one of these days my efforts will definitely pay off . . . except I have no idea when or how.   Just when I feel like I’ve gotten ahead in the game, she does something peculiar that takes my hopes back to square one.   A couple of days ago we were