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Black Coffee in Bed

Enjoy this excerpt from 'The Suburban Wives Club' *     *     *     *     *  Monica eyes inched open to the wonderful sight of morning sunshine shimmering through the window curtains.  Her head was resting on her right arm, she noticed.  She retrieved her left arm from where it lay and turned over on her back to encounter someone asleep beside her.  Her lips curled into a smile as she rested on her left arm to curdle alongside her lover. Simon lay on his backside with his eyes shut.  Susurrus-type breathing escaped his nostrils.  He had spent the night with her whereas Daniel enjoyed himself in the spare bedroom across from their daughter’s.  He had left them to be with each other, promising to take drive daughters to school in the morning.  Monica pushed the bed covers off to see more of his naked self.  She rested her face against his chest and lightly kissed his torso. “You awake?” he murmured. “I am now,” she said, trailing her hand over his abs an