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Going Deep into the Lifestyle

How deep would you love to go into the Cuckold lifestyle?   How further down the Rabbit Hole would you want your wife to travel to become the Hotwife you imagine her becoming? For most husbands, the answer is quite simply —all the way.  But admitting to it is one thing, making it happen is another. Some couples much prefer being on the fringe of safety.  Husbands prefer showcasing their wives online than actually making it possible for the wife to get inspired towards being aware of this lifestyle.  Such men would claim impossibility the task of getting their wives to want to see things their way.  And yet when it comes to making their wives become aware of their desire for her to cuck them, they often chicken out.  Not to say there’s anything wrong with that.   It’s usually a 50/50 chance of getting a wife inspired to want to venture into this lifestyle.  For most husbands, the thought of getting turned down is anaemic to not picking up the gauntlet to give it anothe