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Your Wife, Your Cuckold Mistress

            Your wife owns your heart as well as your penis.  From the moment you demanded that she go out and get herself a boyfriend, from the day you uttered those words about desperately wanting her to cuck you, she owns you.  Now, she’s no longer merely your wife.  She is now your Mistress. Like any suitable Mistress, she deserves a Black Master.  And that is the reason why you sought me for her. Do not appear baffled or seem surprised by the recent turn of events, white boy.  This is all part of your wish.  You might not have seen it all through, but whatever did you think the result was going to be?  Did you assume that everything you set out to accomplish would be thought of as a joke?  Did you think she wasn’t ever going to take your words seriously?  Had you wanted her not to, then you ought never should have opened your mouth in the first place.  You should have remained steadfast with your fantasies and kept them in the back alleys and corridors of your brain.  Only to draw