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Is Being a Cuckold a Natural-Born Thing?

This is a letter that was written to me months ago from a husband residing in New York.  I thought I should share it with you all . * * * * If you ever have time and would be so kind, I was wondering something that maybe you could answer for me.  Do you believe being a cuckold can be a natural-born thing?  The reason I ask is because I was older, way past my prime, when I first found myself desiring many things pertaining to the cuckold lifestyle.  This was back in the early to mid-eighties.   There was no internet back then, or books or conventions that discussed or highlighted anything about this.  Back then I felt strange and alone with my desires.  I wanted to have a girlfriend (or wife) who would control me and willingly sleep with other men, and hopefully let or make me watch.  I wished for a woman to make a submissive out of me, to humiliate me in front of other men, and entice me to taste cum out of her pussy or ass.  I was all in for sucking other men’s cock too.   I would lik