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In a Bedroom Right Now . . .

In a hotel room, right now, a white woman is getting well fucked by a black man.  In a suburban home, right now, a married wife (maybe even two) is/are getting fucked by a Black Master while the husband(s) sit at a corner watching. Wouldn't you wish such was happening in your home right now? When you go online and you watch erotic videos of motives submitting themselves willingly to Black men, when you watch cuckold short films and you read erotic stories of white husbands being fucked by their wives and girlfriends . . . Don't you just wish that was being done to you? You might think it inconsequential that you're harbouring such racy thoughts and ask yourself why you're having them.  How is it possible that whenever you look at your wife, you're also seeing her differently?  How bad you would love to return home to find a stranger with her in bed.  Hopefully a black man fucking her rough and hard, in ways you never can. Such is the dream that populat