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Happy Cuckolding in the New Year!

It’s New Year’s Eve today, but by the time this post gets uploaded, it's going to be New Year in some part of the world.  Always a special day. Today, there’s going to be some fucking going on.  Probably in your home, in your neighbor’s home next door, or even happening in a hotel room somewhere in the city.  There are white couples who are going to reign in the New Year by inviting their Black Master home, or a multitude of black men who would come to fuck and breed the wife well into 2020 . . . Don’t you wish that would be happening in your home today, or at least tonight?   I know many cuck husbands would love that very much.   That as well goes to the wives too.   Many wives are living with the dilemma of contemplating whether they should endeavor to get themselves a lover and risk the wrath of their husbands finding out, or that they should give it up and consider that a figment of fantasy the likes of which is supposed to remain in their head and never be let