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Your Wife Was A Whore!

Your wife was a whore before you married her.  I know that sounds too direct the way I’m hitting you with this, but let’s be honest, you’ve known this way before now.  You knew that while that you and her were dating —getting to know each other, as the parlance goes—you knew that something was way off about her.  I’m sorry I have to be the one who gets to tell you, but someone’s got to do it—your buddies made me the designated guy to bring the truth to you—and the truth says that your wife is a fucking whore! Don’t get sad-eyed on me; don’t go making like this is the worst news you’ve ever heard.  You’ve been in self-denial for years, even though you and I heard the stories.  Sure, they were rumours at first, but look what they  turned out.   She was two-timing you the whole time you and her dated.   Elroy, that black stud from the Southside, is her lover.   He has been her lover for years, way before you got with her, and don’t you dare tell me otherwise.   Don’t you fucking dare! You